Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Christopher Angle-Hobson
Image of Christopher Angle-Hobson

My name is Christopher Angle-Hobson and I am in my 22nd year in education in Southern Oregon. As a gay man with mixed race children, I am very aware that there are inequalities in our nation, our districts, and our schools. I am excited to be part of this team because I want to be part of the solution that makes school more accessible for students who don't fit in with what the 'average' student looks like. With our motto being Every Student, Every Class, Every Day, I believe we need to be doing more to make sure we have truly achieved what we have set out to achieve, and that means making sure our students, who are not part of the majority demographic, are well represented and supported in our schools. Representation matters!

Brandi PavlichImage of Brandi Pavlich

Hi my name is Brandi Pavlich and I am a mother to a 1st grader at Table Rock Elementary. I am the President of TRE's PTO, I'm also apart of the schools Leadership Team and on the Budget Committee for the District. I've always had a passion for kids and their education and this only increased last year when my son started Kindergarten. He has a speech impediment and it is very important to me to educate not only myself but other parents whom may also have a student with struggles. A big part of my mission is to make sure our students are being educated in an environment that teaches them everyone is human. Genetics, race, religion, gender are all things in life that make each of us unique and that should be cherished. i feel no child should ever feel that they are different in a bad way and they should not judge others on anything else but perhaps the kindness in their hearts. I see first hand the struggles my son faces by others having a hard time to understand what he is saying, but that should not define him nor anyone else. These are just a few reasons as why serving on the Equity and Diversity Team are so important to me. Now is more crucial than ever to instill brighter ideas into our community for future generations and it starts with us.

Ginny Walker Image of Ginny Walker

My passion for the past 25 years in the Eagle Point school district is to "create a culturally inclusive classroom; one that celebrates diversity and inclusion in education while encouraging students to spread the values of inclusion and cultural respect in their everyday lives. Providing instruction through a lens of diversity promotes tolerance of people with differing ideals and practice. It fosters cultural respect and understanding of ‘the other,’ and may even reduce bullying." (Resilient Educator). I borrow these words to get to the heart of how I feel about this work in our district - we need to come together as a community to remove barriers, so that our scholars will shine and participate fully in a functional society. I am thrilled to serve on this team.

Hillary Hulseman Image of Hillary Hulseman

Hi! My name is Hillary Hulseman and I am currently the 7th grade Language Arts teacher at White Mountain Middle School. I have been in education for 10 years, and am currently in the process of obtaining my Administrative License (Initial Principal License). I am a wife and mother of three beautiful kids. I am passionate about being a member of the Equity team because I feel strongly that all people are important and should feel valued.

Marvin Denman Image of Marvin Denman

Greetings! My name is Marvin Denman and I am the 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Eagle Point Middle School and the Head Varsity girls’ basketball coach at Eagle Point High School. This is my 23rd year in in the classroom. I am proud to be serving on the Equity and Diversity Team. I truly believe this team is a vital part of our school district that will continue to educate students and the community when it comes to equity (fairness) and understanding of diversity and how the two link and foster growth in the Eagle Point School district and community.

Phil OrtegaImage of Phil Ortega

I have worked in education for the past 20 years in Southern Oregon. I am passionate about helping students and building stronger relationships within the Eagle Point School District. I feel that we must be open to change and treat each other with dignity and respect at all times. I am on the Equity Team because as a parent of students within our schools, I recognize we need to improve our understanding of diversity and acceptance of all stakeholders.

Elisabeth Oppelt Image of Elisabeth Oppelt

I am the theatre teacher at Eagle Point High School, and have worked in theatre educsation in three different states. Eagle Point district students are my favorite: they are dedicated, creative and constantly rise to expectations. I often see that they need spaces to be who they are, to feel loved and welcomed and respected. I am on the Equity team to help create those spaces for these students I get to work with every day.

Karina Rizo Image of Karina Rizo

This is my 18th year in education in Southern Oregon and continually strive to improve the atmosphere, culture and climate so each and every one of our students feel welcomed in our district. I want our students to feel free to be themselves, express themselves and know they will be accepted and valued as they are.

Nicole SpanglerImage of Nicole Spangler

Hello! I'm Nicole Spangler. I have known I've wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember. I am currently teaching 4th grade at Eagle Rock Elementary School. This is my 7th year with the district. I am a mother of five amazing children. It is important for me that every scholar feels welcomed and safe at school while they can learn and grow.

Elizabeth Fletcher Image of Elizabeth Fletcher

I've been working in education since 2007, and I'm currently a counselor at Eagle Point High School. I joined this team to listen, learn, and do better. I am honored to partner with our students and their caregivers to center the dignity and humanity of every student.

Cherylene Stritenberg Image of Cherylen Stritenberg

My name is Chery Stritenberg, and up until the birth of my son in early 2012, I worked in the corporate world advancing through various mid-management level positions. Through the support of my husband, I was blessed to be able to stay home with my son during his developmental years. This has also allowed me to explore ways to support my community and more, specifically, the school district where I am the current Shady Cove School PTO president. I am excited to be part of the Equity Team's vision to bring transformational change to our school district. I believe the key difference between being divided versus being united is the ability to have open and safe conversations. When we understand our individual differences we will become united versus the lack of understanding that divides us. Kindness, action and progress are key. I have had many personal experiences, both positive and negative, in my life that have helped foster my compassion towards others as well as establish the voice I have today. I’m part of this team because I believe we will be more than a sounding board. We will be innovators of positive change.

Ryan Swearingen Image of Ryan Swearingen

As a community member and employee of the Eagle Point School District, I continue to have the pleasure of serving our students, families, staff, and community. The needs of our students throughout our communities varies. As educators, it is imperative we provided equitable access education, and utilize an equity lens to ensure all students have the resource available to succeed at high levels. Building strong relationships with all stakeholders will benefit our students and that of a community as whole. The Equity Team is a vital component to our district as continue preparing our youth beyond that of the educational environment.