School Board

Eagle Point School District 9
Board of Directors

Matt Stone (Board Chair)
Position #1
[email protected] Term Expires 6/30/2023

Why did I join the school board?

I wanted to become more active in my community. I have three daughters who have been and still are in D9 schools and I appreciate the education each of them had the opportunity to receive. I have always loved working with kids and I feel by being involved in the school board I can help them by voicing my opinion on what is good, better, or best when it comes to their educational experience. I like watching kids grow up, see what they’re capable of, and then going after their dream - even when that dream changes. I want to be a voice of just common sense and feel I have skills as a leader to help things move forward in bettering our school district. 

What should the community know about you? 

I’m just a regular guy who loves his wife and kids. I am a native Southern Oregonian. My family has lived in the Eagle Point School District for 14 years and we love living in the Eagle Point area. I like to work. I enjoy golfing, hunting, and watching college football but, most of the time I just like to work - which sounds incredibly boring but I enjoy it!

Emily McIntire

Emily McIntire (Board Vice-Chair)
Position #5
[email protected] Expires 6/30/2025

 Why did you join the school board?
I joined the school board because I have a heart for the kids in our community, our community, and the future generations to come.
What should the community know about you? 

I hope this community knows how sincere my heart is toward them and their children. My goal is to bring the best possible education to our children in the safest and most secure way possible. That I desire for each and every child and young adult that comes through our school would know their own value and worth and would stop at nothing to reach their goals. Children don’t choose the life they are born into and it’s up to us (adults) to help them navigate through difficult situations to give them their best chance. Every child is worth it! 

Randy Wolf (Director)
Position #2
[email protected] Term Expires 6/30/2025


Why did you join the board?

I joined the Eagle Point school board to support our community,  to help improve our district and the success of our children. 
What should the community know about you? 

I'm an individual that looks for the best outcome that will support all involved in making our district and community a better place for all. 


Josh Graves (Director)
Position #3
[email protected]  Expires 6/30/2025

Why did I join the school board?

To be honest, I wanted to make sure every kid in the district had someone sticking up for them. Then I realized once I was on the board the entire district needed a team of people (The board) to support them and help make critical decisions on board policy, curriculum, and hold our superintendent accountable. 

What should the community know about you?
They should know that even when the decision is difficult I will do my best to gather all the facts, listen, and make the best objective decision I can based on the knowledge I have available to me. 

Chery Stritenberg (Director)
Position #4
[email protected] Expires 6/30/2023

Why did you join the school board? In 2017 my son started Kindergarten at Shady Cove School.  The more involved I was, the more I admired the passion and commitment of our staff at my son's school and across our district for our students.  I started regularly attending board meetings in 2018 and I have seen a lot of changes throughout the last few years.  I was a voice prior to becoming a Board Member and when the opportunity arose to be part of the board, I believed it was time for me to be part of the change I was hoping to see.  I have been impressed with the communication and the well thought out decisions of our new Superintendent.  I believe the current Board and the Superintendent are a balanced team with our students' best interest at heart.  Even though at times there are circumstances beyond our control we are building communication and trust with staff, parents, students and our community. 

What should the community know about you? I truly support our local communities and believe that together we can accomplish great things.  I have volunteered within the Shady Cove community with the Jackson County Fire District 4, Friends of the Library, Upper Rogue Community Center and am the current President of the Shady Cove PTO but recently I have turned my focus to our school district.  I want people to know that I am approachable and would love to hear from them.  I believe in strong communication and open discussions involving things that are and aren't working.  I believe together we can come up with solutions that will turn our district into a district others aspire to be.