Student Stories

Eagle Point School District Student Services

Eagle Point School District has added many new resources to help support and nurture each student's individual needs. Thanks to valuable input from our students, parents, staff and community members and made possible with funding through the Student Success Act.

Youth Truth Results 2017-2018

In February of 2018 - Our students staff and parents/guardians participated in a Youth Truth Survey. Here is a snapshot of our results. The data is being evaluated and used to implement and expand our strategies to meet student needs. We will again take the survey in February of 2019 to gauge our growth as a school district and to collect the student voice. We want to express a sincere appreciation for everyone that took the time to participate in the survey.

The Human Connection Between Students and Staff

This video was created to capture the human connection between our students and staff. Our students spend 176 school days with caring adults. It is imperative to develop meaningful relationships so that our schools function with efficiency and create positive atmospheres to learn and grow. We are very proud of this production and the genuine moments captured. Each staff member on the video volunteered and the stories captured speak volumes of the commitment and inspire hope for the coming school year. We appreciate each and every student in our D9 Family.