Superintendent Report

Superintendent Report: Eagle Point School District
November 17, 202


COVID19 and Instruction:
EPSD9 has experienced a decline in the number of students and staff being quarantined for possible exposure to COVID19 which matches the decline of the virus across the county and state.

Guidelines for quarantine continue, at this time, to be focused on whether staff and students are wearing masks correctly rather than on actual symptoms of infection. However, draft changes to the requirements are being proposed that would allow for expanded use of testing in determining who is required to quarantine and who is not.

I continue to be proud of the hard work and dedication of our EPSD staff. The challenges of working within a pandemic itself including masking, supply shortages, staffing shortages, exposure tracking and working with students excluded from in-person instruction are coupled with educating students who are themselves stressed and, often, have missed significant instruction.

Student Vaccinations:
There is now an FDA approved vaccination for students 5-12. There has been no indication or communication from the Governor’s Office, OHA, or ODE that action requiring student vaccinations will happen in the near future.

If Oregon were to require student COVID vaccinations as part of its regular immunization process, the new vaccination would be added to the list of required immunizations sometime after January 2022. The normal practice would then be that students would be required to have a vaccination or exemption by January 2023. Current rules for student vaccinations, including forms for medical and religious exemptions can be found here. The law governing student vaccinations can be found here.

Staff Culture:
EPSD9 and the District’s employees’ union (EPEA) are meeting regularly to discuss how we can both acknowledge the work of our staff through the pandemic and best prepare ourselves for future educational challenges. These conversations have gone very well. EPSD9’s Wellness Program has 150 participants.

We are in the process of completing a job satisfaction and feedback survey. The survey itself can be found here. This survey will close on December 3rd. Some, still incomplete data, is as follows: